7-Keto Fuel 100mg Jarrow
7-Keto Fuel 100mg Jarrow
7-Keto Fuel 100mg Jarrow
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7-Keto Fuel 100mg Jarrow

Jarrow Formulas 30 tablets

New: 7-Keto Fuel from Jarrow Formulas available. A more effective product than DHEA which will significantly promote your weight loss.

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7-KetoTM DHEA or 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepandrosterone is a natural metabolite of DHEA. It has effects comparable or even superior to those of the latter. Additionally, 7-KetoTM DHEA is not converted into sex steroid hormones such as estrogen or testosterone. Studies show that it could represent a safer alternative to DHEA to combat certain effects of aging. In particular, combined with regular physical exercise, it seems effective against weight gain related to advancing age.

DHEA is the most abundant of the steroid hormones and it is also a precursor of sex hormones such as estrogen or testosterone. With age, its level decreases in the body until it becomes practically undetectable in the elderly. This decline in DHEA has been linked to aging-related problems including weight gain, loss of energy, depression, weakened immune function and memory loss. It was deduced that supplementation with DHEA could have beneficial effects. However, the conversion of DHEA into sex steroid hormones has led to questions about the possible adverse effects that supplementation at high doses could have and, in particular, on its potential impact on the risk of hormone-dependent cancers.

Weight gain and aging:

Weight gain is an inevitable part of the aging process. As we age, the levels of our natural hormones decline and our metabolism decreases.
Weight gain is concerning because it is linked to many life-threatening chronic diseases.
Metabolism is the body's way of converting the food we eat into energy (heat) and various waste products (carbon dioxide and water). Much of this process takes place inside our cells. A typical metabolic rate is 60-80 Kcal per hour. However, several factors regulate our metabolic rate

In healthy, overweight subjects
Regular exercise is known to help promote and maintain weight loss . In a double-blind, placebo-controlled protocol, 30 adults (28 women and 2 men with a mean age of 44.5 ± 11.5 years) with a mean fat mass index of 31.9 ± 6. kg/m2 were randomly divided into two groups: one receiving 100 mg of 7-oxo-DHEA twice daily for 8 weeks and the other a placebo. All subjects participated in a physical training program of three weekly sessions. Each exercise session consisted of 60 minutes of aerobic and anaerobic exercise under the supervision of a training physiologist. The subjects had a diet that should not exceed 1800 Kcal per day and were monitored by a dietician. They received dietary advice twice a week to encourage adherence to their diet. Study participants underwent multiple serum biochemical tests as well as body composition, blood pressure, and dietary analyzes at study entry, week 4, and week 8.

*Achievable results and time frames vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.


Take 2-4 capsules daily. For best results, follow a diet and exercise program.


- Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

- Individuals with prostate or breast cancer.

- Ask your doctor for advice if you were undergoing medical treatment.


3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepandrosterone 50mg - purity 99.99%