NeoCell Super Collagen + Vitamin C
NeoCell Super Collagen + Vitamin C
NeoCell Super Collagen + Vitamin C
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NeoCell Super Collagen + Vitamin C

NeoCell 120 capsules

Super Collagen + C thickens and slows hair loss, strengthens nails, significantly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the complexion, reduces rosacea, increases the firmness and tone of your skin.

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Collagen is your body's key structural protein, integral to building strong, healthy nails, hair, tendons, bones and muscles, and maintaining smooth skin.

- Collagen improves the elasticity of ligaments, tendons and connective tissue by activating blood circulation.
- Collagen hydrolyzate is an excellent source of Glycine, the amino acid essential for muscle growth.
- Essential to the bone matrix, collagen is the mechanical fortifier of bone.


- Provides the specific amino acids (hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine) necessary for the synthesis of the body's collagen.
- Strengthens weak, broken, splitting, ridged and damaged nails.
- Thickens fine hair, adds body and slows hair loss.
- Promotes muscle synthesis and thus burns fat during sleep.

Collagen is a fibrous glycoprotein whose role can be compared to an armature. It is the most abundant protein in the body. It is secreted by connective tissue cells. Unlike elastin, which is also present in connective tissues, collagen is inextensible and resists traction well. It is made up of different types depending on their location. It is particularly essential for the healing process.

Our skin contains collagen fibers produced by fibroblasts. These ensure the dermis its solidity. Their renewal decreases over time, causing thinning of the dermis, which causes skin aging.

Super Collagen + C is a 100% pure collagen protein % which provides the main elements for the growth, repair and maintenance of a healthy body. When you use Super Collagen+C, your body receives the raw materials it needs to supplement and repair the collagen found in all areas of your body. Super Collagen+C is transformed into an amino acid with a very low molecular weight, which can be used 100% by all parts of your body. Super Collagen+C tablets contain vitamin C for optimum collagen supply, since vitamin C is absolutely essential for the formation of collagen.

Doctors and orthopedists recommend a dosage of 5g of hydrolyzed collagen per day. There are no side effects and no known interactions to date with other dietary supplements or other substances. People taking this supplement can see obvious improvements within a few weeks.

Super Collagen + Vitamin C is therefore an innovative and complete formula that will allow an optimal supply of collagen for the body.

*Achievable results and time frames vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.


Take three tablets twice daily preferably on an empty stomach for maximum absorption and wait 30 minutes before consuming other foods or dietary proteins.

Under 18 years old.