Triple Omega – Omega 3-6-9
Triple Omega – Omega 3-6-9
Triple Omega – Omega 3-6-9
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Triple Omega – Omega 3-6-9

NatureMade 150 capsules

This all-in-one formula provides the 3 main fatty acids used in the body: omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9!

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New from Nature Made: Triple Omega 3-6-9, a complex of natural oils, fish oil, flaxseed oil, safflower oil and olive oil.

Nature Made Triple Omega 3-6-9 is a complex of 4 natural oils, fish oil, flaxseed, safflower and olive oil.

Omega 3 - natural source: Fish Oil, Olive Oil

Omega 3 is part of the family of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot manufacture, so it must be supplied by the body. food: it is mainly found in fish.

Nature Made poison oil comes only from wild ocean fish (anchovies and sardines) deep-sea fishing and not farmed fish. Each series of Nature Made fish oil is processed using the latest in molecular distillation technology to ensure exceptional purity. All Nature Made fish oil series are guaranteed to pass the rigorous Omega-3 monograph standards of CRN (the Responsible Council for Nutrition). United States Pharmacopoeia (“USP”) Omega-3 Fish Oil as well as FDA prescribed standards (Mercury Free).

Consuming Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Omega 3 plays a role in cardiovascular prevention. It thins the blood, reduces the risk of cardiac arrest, and lowers the level of bad LDL cholesterol, while preserving the good HDL cholesterol. They also seem to decrease the symptoms of several nervous system diseases such as epilepsy, depression and manic-depressive psychosis. If we are still in the infancy of knowledge on this aspect, it nevertheless emerges that taking Omega 3 helps to reduce stress and anxiety and leads to positive emotions (serenity, renewed energy)

Omega 3 also has other essential qualities for health:

- Strengthening of the immune system

- Participation in bone construction

- Participation in the development and physiology of the retina

- Improved skin elasticity

- For women, it would contribute to Hormone regulation and play a considerable role in the construction and development of the baby's brain and nervous tissue.

Omega 6 -natural source: Safflower Oil

They participate in the elaboration of highly unsaturated fatty acids and eicosanoids of series 1 and 2. These substances play an important role ant in terms of the nervous system, cardiovascular balance, immunity, wound healing and allergic and inflammatory reactions.

Omega 9 - natural source: Olive oil

Omega-9s help maintain the correct ratio of HDL (“good cholesterol”) by lowering LDL ("bad cholesterol") They prevent LDL deposits in the arteries and thus protect the cardiovascular system.

* The results that can be obtained and the lead times vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.


Take one capsule 3 times daily with meals.


Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Softgel, Amount Per Softgel - % Daily Value:*
Calories 15 , Calories from Fat 15, Total Fat 1 g - 2%, Polyunsaturated Fat 1 g, Vitamin E 4 I.U. 13%,
Total Omega-3 434mg - **, Total Omega-6 276mg - **, Total Omega-9 170mg - **.
*Percent Daily Values ​​are based on a 2000 calorie diet., **Daily Value not established.

Fish Oil Concentrate, Flaxseed Oil, Gelatin (non-bovine), Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Olive Oil, Water, d-Alpha Tocopherol, Soybean Oil.
Contains Fish Oil (Anchovies , Sardines)
Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
Free of yeast, starch, gluten