Xenadrine NextGen
Xenadrine NextGen
Xenadrine NextGen
Xenadrine NextGen
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Xenadrine NextGen

Muscle Tech 60 capsules

Increased energy and metabolism support

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Highly Effective Thermogenic Weight Loss Supplement.

Xenadrine NextGen features the latest advancements in high potency dual release capsule technology. Xenadrine NextGen with their abbreviated pill concept has been able to maintain ingredient stability and facilitate effective administration.

This #1 weight loss supplement brand in America has created a highly functional pill design that allows administration of the micronized powder and bio-encapsulated liquid in a single take.

Xenadrine NextGen metabolizes fats, carbohydrates and proteins: This unique formula boosts metabolic energy by helping the body metabolize macronutrients. Each serving of Xenadrine NextGen gives you hours of energy.

All ingredients in this formula are backed by scientific research that has been shown to their effectiveness and power in weight loss.

Main Ingredients:

Fragance of myristica: a seed of walnut Nutmeg which contains a premium compound called Myristicin which helps achieve a unique sensory experience.

Teacrine: is a powerful energy booster to improve focus and the mood!

MCT OIL: MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are shorter chain fatty acids that convert directly into fuel through lipid metabolism and the formation of ketone bodies.

Rhodiola extract: Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant that seems to adapt to all the needs of the body. It reduces the harmful effects of stress and accentuates the memory in a considerable way. Rhodiola helps to increase the endurance of athletes shorten their recovery time after training or whatever intense physical exercise. It also promotes better stress control. Like all adaptogenic plants, it would also have a favorable action on sexual function.

Vitamin B: increases metabolic energy by metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Vitamin B is involved in the body's energy pathways.

Clarinol CLA: is a source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) - a natural fatty acid made from safflower oil, contains a high concentration of CLA-relevant active fatty acids.

C-Canephora Robusta: Caffeine is a component of coffee beans, tea leaves and other plants from the rubiacea, sterculiacea, and theacea families.

Caffeine Anhydrous: A potent, precise, and scientifically documented dose of caffeine for increased focus, energy, and thermogenesis.

The Xenadrine NextGen formula has fast-release technology that actually works. Xenadrine has been used by many people in the weight loss category for decades.

*Achievable results and time frames vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed.


Gradual grip starting with:

- A single capsule on the first, second and third day to be taken with a large glass of water, 30 minutes before the two main meals of the day.

- Two capsules from the fourth day, to be taken with a large glass of water 30 minutes before the two main meals of the day.

For better results, use for 60 continuous days with a combination of a low-fat diet and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.

Do not eat between meals.

Always drink a large glass of water with you.

Do not take within five hours of bedtime.

Do not exceed the maximum dose of two capsules in 24 hours.


Pregnant or breastfeeding women. For adults only.

Keep this product out of the reach of children.

Xenadrine is a caffeine-rich product and may cause certain caffeine sensitivity symptoms. It is not recommended for
people with cardiovascular disorders or history. In addition, it is recommended to avoid additional intakes of caffeine (coffee) or
other stimulants. In case of hypersensitivity to caffeine consult your doctor.